Sib Shop – 10/16/21

Sibshops are lively, interactive, award-winning celebrations of the many contributions made by brothers and sisters of individuals with special needs. Sibshops acknowledge that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs for some, is a good thing, others a not-so-good thing, and for many, somewhere in between. SibShops reflect a belief that brothers and sisters have so much to offer one another if they are given a chance to connect and build community.

Sibshops are intended to engage healthy discussion amongst sibs and to offer support. The workshop also hosts games (designed to be unique, offbeat, and appealing to a wide ability range) and special guests. There are currently more than 200 Sibshops across the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

What can I expect when attending a SibShop?

  • Meet other sibs (usually for the first time)
  • Have fun in age-appropriate break out groups
  • Talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sib with special needs with others who “get it”
  • Play fun games
  • Explore how other brothers and sisters handle sticky situations sometimes faced by brothers and sisters
  • Laugh
  • Learn about the services their brothers and sister receive
  • Create Ohana (build friendship/community)
  • Have more fun!

Disclaimer: As a participant, or parent, or guardian of a participant, permission is granted to participate in The Autism Society of Hawaii’s Sibshop activitie(s) and program(s). Participants understand and agree that they may be photographed and/or videotaped for promotional purposes. Considering all possible risks, on behalf of the participant(s) and myself, I voluntarily waive, release, discharge, and hold harmless The Autism Society of Hawaii, its employees, supervisors, appointed officials, agents, representatives, and volunteers from all claims for injuries to the participant(s), no matter how severe. The waiver does not extend to any such claims or liability that is caused solely and exclusively by the gross negligence of The Autism Society of Hawaii or its employees, supervisors, appointed officials, agents, representatives, and volunteers. I understand that the absence of a signature, participation in the program shall constitute acceptance of the conditions set forth in the release.