Sensory Friendly Films

A special opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum as well as their family and friends to enjoy their favorite films. We welcome individuals to be themselves while enjoying the film in a safe and accepting environment. In order to provide a more comfortable setting for individuals on the spectrum, the movie auditorium keeps their lights turned slightly up (dim lights will remain on) and the sound turned slightly down. Some individuals may stim (flapping of hands, clapping, tapping, rocking, etc.), express themselves verbally (make noise(s)) in various ways as well as roam about the auditorium-this allows the individual to be themselves without fear of being judged. Because some may have strict, special dietary needs, families are permitted to bring their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks from home.

Dining Differently

An opportunity for individuals on the spectrum as well as their family and/or friends to enjoy a meal at a restaurant in a sensory friendly and accepting environment. The Autism Society of Hawaii partners with various restaurants by reserving a section of the restaurant in advance-creating a quieter, less chaotic and more accepting environment for the individuals to enjoy their meal. The staff are briefed on what to expect to ensure a pleasant experience.

Everything with those on the spectrum is about repetition, the more they are exposed to certain situations the easier it gets for them to adjust.

Our goal is to do this often enough where families will get comfortable enough to venture out on their own knowing that they can get through a meal without a melt down occurring.

HPD Meet and Greet with Keiki ID

Honolulu Police Department community outreach team meets with families to share ideas, perspectives from parents as well as perspective from the officers point of view, and collaborate to find way to ensure interactions with this on the spectrum are handled in the best way possible.

HPD also has a team available to create ID’s so that the individuals have a way of identifying themselves, but also for HPD to have the child’s information in case they elope (Run away).

It is also an opportunity for those on the spectrum to meet the men and women of HPD so they aren’t afraid of them should they become lost or need help. They can see and actual police car, sit inside, play with the buttons (some not all) to again, become familiar and comfortable and not be afraid.The police are our friend!

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