Navigating the Sea of Resources 1/22/2022

Ian and Debbie

Navigating the Sea of Resources

Presented by Deborah Kobayakawa

on January 22 (10:30 AM -12:30 PM HST)

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Debbie will be updating the Parent Resource Guide (created for ASH and distributed in 2021) and then sharing information on the Transition Toolkit being distributed by the Jobs Now Partnership.

Over the years, Debbie has been a special education teacher, and advocate, and even a 1:1 support for people with disabilities. She is currently co-facilitator of parent support groups for families who have a child/adult with disabilities based on the Winward side.

In 2021 she accepted a new role – the Chair of Developmental Disabilities Council. As she writes, “The position I’ve held the longest is being a mother to my 30 year old son with autism and his older brother.”

Debbie and her son Ian are pictured above.