Mahalo Manini Moon

Manini MoonMahalo to Manini Moon whose business mission is partly to spread light to others wherever the light can reach, and give voice to those who need it! Thank you for donating 10% of each bracelet sale to ASH!


I hope you are all taking the time today to do something that feels good, just. for. you. You truly deserve it.

I have been working very hard to launch my next bracelets… and they are HERE! I have a collection for Guardian Angel Bracelets inspired by our guardian angels. Yes! We each have guardian angels with us that are with us from the time we are born. These bracelets are a reminder to connect to your own angels who really want to help you in your life!

I also have my Manini Moon collection of bracelets with new crystal gems and adorned with a classic Manini Moon charm.

They are all made differently so pick the one you want quick before it’s gone. If there’s one you want and it is no longer there please let me know! Send me a message and reach out. I’d love to hear which designs and crystals you love, and we’ll see what I can do to make one for you!

All bracelets are made with intention and infused with love and Divine light. Not only are they lovely pieces to adorn your wrist, but they will make you feel better too! 10% of profits from each bracelet will go towards the Autism Society of Hawaii assisting programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

Happy Shopping! I wish you lots of love, rest, and relaxation.