Mahalo Rosendin Electric!!!

A big “Mahalo” to Kevin Buchholz and his staff at Rosendin Electric for donating $1,010.00 from the Holiday Party to the Autism Society of Hawaii!

Rosendin Electric provides design and construction services, which optimize building performance and improve occupant satisfaction, Rosendin Electric also implements sustainable practices throughout their offices, warehouses, prefabrication locations and project sites. They are committed to supporting the local community wherever possible by working with various local charitable organizations, and encourage their employees to get involved to give back to their community with the same commitment they give the company.

Rosendin Electric is also proud to work with Owners who impact “where we live” in a positive way, during construction – providing employment for local manpower – through post-construction, utilizing these structures/facilities to educate, medically assist, employ, and provide utilities to their surrounding communities and, in some cases, the world at large.

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