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iGuardian Internet Safety on 1/22/18

January 22, 2018 – Department of Homeland Security iGuardian Internet Safety Presentation for Students and Parents

ASH is happy to collaborate with the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security investigations and Department of Attorney General for the following presentation on ‘Internet Safety’ at Saint Louis Alumni Association Hall on 1/22/18 from 4pm-5pm. This is a presentation for students and parents.

‘Children are becoming increasingly interested in social media and from much younger ages, especially individuals with autism.  They might utilize the internet (or other social media outlets) to gather information for school, reinforcement, communication or to socialize.  It is crucial that individuals with autism learn how to protect themselves online, and that they understand what is and isn’t appropriate on the internet.’


Kids Fishing Contest on 2/24/18

ASH is happy to announce the Kids Fishing Contest on 2/24/18 at Ho’omaluhia! A huge ‘Thank you’ to Brendon and Carol Sunada for organizing this event, and Jessica Oxiles for coordinating the volunteers!!

  • 10:00 – 11:30 AM
  • See the flyer for more details.
  • Register Here
  • Please note there are a limited amount of poles available for the children, first come first serve.
  • If you have your own poles bring bring them.
  • Bait will be provided.

More volunteers are needed to help record the fish from the kids, unhooking the catches and fixing any broken lines (broken lines are very rare). Please contact Jessica ( if you are interested in volunteering. If you don’t know about fishing, don’t worry, Brendon will teach you to unhook the fish.

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Wandering Incidents During Holidays Significantly Increase Risk of Harm

With two recent deaths on Christmas and Christmas Eve, the National Autism Association is warning caregivers about the increased risks of autism-related wandering during the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, a 15-year-old boy with autism died from injuries sustained after being struck by a vehicle. The next day, the body of 7-year-old boy with autism was found floating in a nearby pool. Each year, hundreds of children and adults with autism go missing, but holiday-related wandering cases are especially dangerous. According to a study  from the National Autism Association (NAA), incidents that occurred from a social or family gathering, such as those during the holidays, ended in death 69% of the time. In recent years, cases have occurred on Mother’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

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National Autism Association (NAA) Toolkits

The National Autism Association (NAA) has Toolkits for Caregivers (Elopement), First Responders, Teachers, Meeting the Police, First Signs, Grandparents and Age of Majority available for download. Links to each of the tool kits are below. The kits may also be ordered free as hard copies through the NAA website at: