Federal Coronavirus Website and Guide to State Lockdowns

Federal Coronavirus Website: https://www.coronavirus.gov/

Website includes specific resources and information for:

  • Travelers
  • Households
  • Pregnant women and children
  • People who are sick
  • Small business owners
  • Schools
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Laboratories
  • Latest news and statistics
  • Rumor control

A Guide to State Coronavirus Lockdowns: https://apple.news/AJQ7OI9T8QxSYcmiIfEx2pQ (best using Chrome or Edge)
State lockdown measures imposed across the U.S. vary in the scope and severity of the limits on where people may travel, work and shop away from their homes. Here are highlights of the orders in the largest states.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.