5/16/18 – Look, I can Fly!


OAHU: May 16th, 2018 4:30pm – 6:00pm Honolulu International Airport – Lobby 7

One of the most difficult questions parents have when contemplating a family trip is how children, especially those of the spectrum, will be able to go through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and sit through the flight. Parents have spent a great deal of money on airfare not knowing if they will have a melt down or how they react as they go through the screening process. Maybe the noise at the airport will overload their senses…”Will we have to turn around and go home after getting our hopes up for a successful trip??” This question has prevented so many families from taking a trip TOGETHER! Many times children on the spectrum need repetition and practice to adjust to situations that others are able to seamlessly accommodate to, but what if we could practice? What if we just went through all of this worry and he or she was fine? Maybe we could try it? But we cannot access the terminal without a ticket. That is an expensive test run, even for an outer island trip.

Delta Airlines has graciously offered to partner with the Autism Society of Hawaii for the 4th year on Oahu and for the 1st year on the neighbor islands (details TBA)!

We are VERY EXCITED to provide 15 children, who have never been off the island or have difficulty traveling, the opportunity to practice taking a trip from Honolulu International Airport. They will go through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) check point, walk through the airport to the airplane, board, get seated, and watch the safety video for a full sensory experience. This simulates an experience the family would face if they were venturing off on a trip. Upon exit they get to view the cockpit.

Thank you so much to Lillian LeeLecroix, Vernell Oku, and Sherri Akana on Oahu!!! A big Mahalo to Delta Airlines!!!

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