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“Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism”

A community providing education and resources – the Autism Society of Hawaii serves children and adults on the autism disorder spectrum and works to develop opportunities for all those affected so that they can reach their highest potential.



2021 is shaping up to be an active year for ASH, and that’s due in large part to our volunteers. Through their many contributions, dedication, and compassion, they inspire us every day!

It’s often said that volunteers are the heart of an organization, and we agree! In all that they do, our volunteers truly make a difference in the lives of others. Juggling school and work schedules, family obligations – they always find time for ASH and our community of families.

During the past year, our volunteers have tried new things, and they’ve shown us just how creative and innovative they can be! I’d like to give a special shout out to:

     –  Katelyn Stenger and the members of Psi Sigma for helping us to launch The ASH Book Club.

     –  You Made This For Me, Little Things Hawaii, and Manini Moon – local businesses who have generously shared their talents and proceeds.

     –  Chris Webster, Carmen Gilbert, Matt Brink, Mitsubishi Electric, and Brandon Morita for helping to bring cheer and smiles to our families during December’s St. Nick’s Drive-By.

And if you haven’t noticed, our Board is an active, dedicated group who help in every capacity of our organization from serving on our board and committees to facilitating and being the cleanup crew – mahalo to our all-volunteer Board of Directors.

You are ALL the lifeline of ASH . . . you truly make a difference, and we love you all!


Dennis Maher
President of the Board of Directors

Upcoming Events

EmotiPlay is a research based program, developed by leaders in the autism field.

EmotiPlay Webinar 2/27/21

A Webinar for Therapists and Parents We are excited to invite you to a webinar for therapists and parents about teaching emotions to kids on the spectrum. Presented by: Gil Ilutowich, CEO of EmotiPlay on Saturday, February 27th via Zoom from 10 – 11 AM. EmotiPlay is a program that teaches kids on the spectrum

College 101 banner

College 101 – a Webinar for Autistic Young Adults and Their Parents – March 20

Beth Felsen, Spectrum Transition Coaching LLC Saturday, March 20, 2021 10:00 am-11:00 am About the Presenter: Beth Felsen, Success Coach at Spectrum Transition Coaching LLC, is an autism specialist with a Master’s in Psychology. She has over twenty years of experience in the autism community. She is a graduate of the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) AsperCoach

Just for You – 3/24/21

“Just For You” IS just for you . . . a space where you can be yourself, meet and talk freely with others on the spectrum, and build new friendships. Dr. Michaud-Emin is on the Autism Spectrum, and her goal is to help anyone impacted by autism gain self-confidence, successfully navigate and flourish in a

We are preparing the final details for the following upcoming events.

More information and the opportunity to register will be available soon.

April 3rd – Ian’s Story
May 1st – We Love Our Mothers
June 13th – We Love Our Dads


There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities with ASH – from assisting with events, presenting at workshops, participating on a committee, or with our Board.

To learn more, contact us at

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