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“Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism”

A community providing education and resources – the Autism Society of Hawaii serves children and adults on the autism disorder spectrum and works to develop opportunities for all those affected so that they can reach their highest potential.



This April the Autism Society of Hawaii joins with nationwide affiliates of the Autism Society of America to #celebratedifferences in recognition of Autism Acceptance Month. It is a unified commitment to building an inclusive society where individuals with autism live fully through connection and acceptance.

We strive to fulfill our mission and ignite change through improved support and opportunities in inclusive education, competitive employment, accessible housing, affordable health care, and comprehensive long-term services and supports.

On April 3, we invite you to a conversation with Ian Nieblas and his mom, Debbie Kobayakawa, as they share a glimpse into his life as an adult with Autism, an intellectual disability, as well as being vision and hearing impaired – and, living his best life! A decade-long employee for Safeway, Ian lives in a licensed group home on Oahu. Ian is a great brother, son, and friend – please join us for this very special presentation!

We also present “How to Map A Career Path Based on Skills & Interests” a two-part series (April 11 and 25) that will be presented by Dr. Amoy Hugh-Pennie and Dr. Linda Michaud-Emin. They’ll help participants create a personalized job or career maps/pathways and discuss how to navigate job sites, resume construction, and how to determine the suitability of jobs/careers.

In honor of our Mothers and Fathers, volunteer Shelby Maher, along with our always supportive friends, including You Made This For Me, Scoops Scoops, Little Things Hawaii, and Ember Freitas are joining together to present “We Love Our Mothers” (May 1) and “We Love our Dads” (June 13). Our families will have the opportunity to drive-by and pick-up pre-ordered boxes filled with special treats and crafts celebrating our incredible Mom’s and Dad’s.

So much of what we do and what we’re able to do is because of volunteers. If you would like to join us, share your ideas with us – please don’t hesitate to contact us at

For the month of April, we invite you to also use #celebratedifferences in your social posts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will continue to share updates and useful information.

With fond aloha,

Dennis Maher
President, Board of Directors

Keeping Momentum in School: Personal tips to succeeding with online school and staying motivated to study in general

Hello, This is Jessica Militich, a recent graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Colleges are known to be challenging for everyone. But as a student on the autism spectrum, I always had unique challenges with school. Unfortunately, coursework became even more challenging when remote learning was established to protect students from the corona

Upcoming Events

Just for You – 4/28/21

“Just For You” IS just for you . . . a space where you can be yourself, meet and talk freely with others on the spectrum, and build new friendships.  Dr. Michaud-Emin is on the Autism Spectrum, and her goal is to help anyone impacted by autism gain self-confidence, successfully navigate and flourish in a

How To Map A Career Path Based On Skills & Interests – Session 2 – 4/25/21

How To Map A Career Path Based On Skills & Interests – Session 2 PRESENTED BY: DR. AMOY HUGH-PENNIE and DR. LINDA MICHAUD-EMIN APRIL 25, 2021 from11:00am – 12:00pm HST Part II: Continuing from Part I, personal career maps will be reviewed, and discussion will include advancing technical skills, navigating job sites, how to determine

We are preparing the final details for the following upcoming events.

More information and the opportunity to register will be available soon.

Sensory Friendly Film #2 – June TBD


There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities with ASH – from assisting with events, presenting at workshops, participating on a committee, or with our Board.

To learn more, contact us at

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