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April Message From Dennis

Aloha! We hope that all of our families are managing the current situation with being somewhat, if not totally, quarantined as best you can! We know this must be a difficult time for all of you and our thoughts and prayers are for a quick resolution to this crisis and that you all remain healthy

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Federal Coronavirus Website and Guide to State Lockdowns

Federal Coronavirus Website: Website includes specific resources and information for: Travelers Households Pregnant women and children People who are sick Small business owners Schools Healthcare professionals Laboratories Latest news and statistics Rumor control A Guide to State Coronavirus Lockdowns: (best using Chrome or Edge) State lockdown measures imposed across the U.S. vary in

JFK Partners

COVID-19 Resources: Specific for Individuals with I/DD and ASD and their families

Below you will find some resources that are specific for individuals with I/DD and ASD and their families. This information/message was distributed to the subscribers of the University of Colorado Denver “JFKPARTNERS” list. ​​COVID-19 Picture Communication Board​ – PPT file from Julia Beems Plain-Language Information on Coronavirus Plain-Language Information on Coronavirus (Spanish)​ COVID-19 Information and Resources

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2020 Census Information

Once every 10 years the Census Bureau fulfills a constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the United States. The data collected from the Census help provide federal funding and key programs that support and protect the rights of people with disabilities. Please download and review the two accompanying documents to learn more. Why

“Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism”

A community providing education and resources – the Autism Society of Hawaii serves children and adults on the autism disorder spectrum and works to develop opportunities for all those affected so that they can reach their highest potential.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 

March 16, 2020

Autism Society of Hawaii Postpones “HELE for Autism and Resource Fair 2020”

Amid COVID-19 Concerns

HONOLULU – The Autism Society of Hawaii announced today the postponement of the nonprofit organization’s annual “HELE for Autism and Resource Fair 2020” scheduled for April 11 at Ala Moana Beach Park’s Magic Island. – – – Read More – – –