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June Message from the President – Dennis Maher

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

We’re so proud of each of you and all your achievements. As you graduate and begin a new chapter, a new journey, a new adventure, we want you to know that we will ALWAYS be there for you and cheering you on!

Through the years, you’ve had family and friends, teachers and counselors . . . all offering their advice, cheering you on, and lending a hand. But it’s always been YOU . . . you who have chosen the paths that have brought you to this day, to your graduation. You are graduating during very unique times, under very difficult circumstances, but you’ve faced challenges all along the way. We all do in our day-to-day lives. Nothing is simply given. Nothing is always easy. Nothing is certain. What we do know is that we each steer our own course. We each choose our own direction. We each reach for our own star. We know that you will fulfill your dreams.

We are in this together . . . and you – our families and friends, we are here for you now and in all the days ahead.

We join with all of those who love you and care for you in wishing you great success in all that you do. And as different as each of your paths may be, we are confident you will find the way that is right and true for you!

May all good things be yours in the days to come!

Dennis Maher
President – Board of Directors
Autism Society of Hawaii

“Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism”

A community providing education and resources – the Autism Society of Hawaii serves children and adults on the autism disorder spectrum and works to develop opportunities for all those affected so that they can reach their highest potential.

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