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“Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism”

A community providing education and resources – the Autism Society of Hawaii serves children and adults on the autism disorder spectrum and works to develop opportunities for all those affected so that they can reach their highest potential.



Congratulations, Graduates of the Class of 2021 – and Your Families! We’re excited for you as you begin a new journey, a new adventure.  You flourished during a year of great uncertainty, and we look forward together with you with hope!

As the summer begins, we’ll be CELEBRATING OUR DADS with a special drive-by gift that’s available with pre-purchase at

The gift bags for our Dads will be available for pick-up on June 12th.  Our GAMER GROUP continues to be a fun time for our community, and the next one is scheduled for June 20.  As our community continues to open up, we’ll be hosting our second SENSORY FRIENDLY FILM at the end of the month.  For details to see the new Pixar release – LUCA – be sure to check our website.  And on June 30th, our social group for older teens and young adults – JUST FOR YOU will be hosted by Dr. Linda Michaud-Emin.

Please save the date for ASH’s first golf tournament – SWING FOR THE SPECTRUM on September 17 at Pearl Country Club.  For more information and to register, go to our tournament site at

We continue to evolve with the pandemic and learned how to adapt to distance learning and work.  We’ve discovered new ways to be together even though we’ve been physically apart.  And in the process, we see how resilient we are, how flexible we can be, and how compassionate we are as a community.

Again, congratulations to all our graduates.  And to our community of families, we look forward to seeing you in the days ahead.  Please visit us at or contact us at

Have a wonderful summer!


Dennis Maher
President, Board of Directors

Mahalo for Helping Us Celebrate Mothers and Fathers!

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Ignite! June Newsletter

This month’s Ignite! Autism Society Policy Newsletter includes a summary and table of the President’s Budget released on May 28. There are also brief updates on legislation related to home and community-based services, child abuse prevention, Social Security, and state advocacy in education. Please visit the Autism Society’s Action Center with new sample letters to

Keeping Momentum in School: Personal tips to succeeding with online school and staying motivated to study in general

Hello, This is Jessica Miletich, a recent graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Colleges are known to be challenging for everyone. But as a student on the autism spectrum, I always had unique challenges with school. Unfortunately, coursework became even more challenging when remote learning was established to protect students from the coronavirus.

Upcoming Events

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Summer Resources

Summertime Socialization and Skill Building 21 Interesting and Fun Activities for Teenagers with Autism 10 Hobbies and Activities to Enjoy with Your Autistic Child

Dad to Dad - an Autism Support Group for Fathers banner

Dad to Dad Coffee Hour Dates

We’re excited to invite fathers with children on the autism spectrum to a bi-monthly Zoom coffee hour hosted by ASH President, Dennis Maher He shares your journey. Dennis’ 18-year-old son, Spencer, is on the spectrum and was non-verbal. The group normally meets from 9:00 – 10:00 AM HST on the first Saturday, every other month.

Just for You – 6/30/21

“Just For You” IS just for you . . . a space where you can be yourself, meet and talk freely with others on the spectrum, and build new friendships.  Dr. Michaud-Emin is on the Autism Spectrum, and her goal is to help anyone impacted by autism gain self-confidence, successfully navigate and flourish in a

We are preparing the final details for the following upcoming events.

More information and the opportunity to register will be available soon.

“Swing for the Spectrum” – September 17 (annual golf tournament); for more information send an email to

Be sure to check our Facebook Page and our Quarterly Newsletter for the latest info on upcoming events.


There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities with ASH – from assisting with events, presenting at workshops, participating on a committee, or with our Board.

To learn more, contact us at

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